Sizing Chart
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

    JumboBag LLC provides FIBC’s from only fully integrated world-class facilities for Food and Pharma grade applications. Our facilities meet and exceed the requirements of AIB, BRC, and ISO 22000.

    Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries

    JumboBag supplies FIBC’s to the Chemical Industries with the most comprehensive offering of bag styles meeting various IEC hazard standards and UN requirements never compromising meticulous quality and cleanliness standards.

    Chemical Industries
  • Mining Materials and Minerals

    JumboBag LLC distributes FIBC’s to the Mining and Mineral industries and their affiliates with a wide variety of heavy working loads and associated Safety Factors. This ensures the safe handling of maximum working loads while preserving the integrity of the materials.

    Mining Materials and Minerals

Sizing Tool

Use the widget below as a guide only and consult your salesperson for specific sizing requirements.

Cubic Foot Capacity Size in Inches (44 x 44 filled) Size in Inches (48 x 48 filled) Size in Inches (52 x 52 filled)
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